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Mon - Fri 8:30 - 16:30
× BuyBack Pricelist Cash for New Toners Send at our Cost Waste Transfer Note Charitable Causes About Us Contact Prices PDF Home
Mon - Fri 8:30 - 16:30


We collect toner and inkjet cartridges at our collection point at ul. Witebska 4 in Warsaw. Outside of Warsaw we collect cartridges by courier company or by means of our own transport. Payment in cash or by bank transfer

In order to send your cartridges at our cost, the value of cartridges in the package must exceed 50 zł (about 11€ ). Sending by our courier is possible only in Poland

If you would like to send a parcel from outside of Poland, please contact us in advance.

Order a courier:
You can independently send off for a courier from the UPS courier company. Just call +48 22 5340000, using our client number E2970X
The mass weight of a single package cannot exceed 30 kg

Shipping info:

Delivery address: ADASO, ul. Witebska 4, 03-507 Warszawa
Type of parcel: STANDARD – (we kindly request that you do not choose any other types of service apart from STANDARD, as this will generate an extra cost)

Please include in parcel:
e-mail address, telephone number, bank transfer details (owner of account, account number)

If you wish to receive a Waste Transfer Note or make out an invoice for the cartridges sent, please add the following information:
a) Name of company
b) Full adress
c) VAT

Make sure that the parcel is well secured, to avoid damage during transport (use original air bags, bubble wrap or partitions etc.) Please do not send single cartridges packed individually in original packaging, as this uses up too much space and generates additional costs of delivery.

Pallet Transport
In case of a large amount of parcels, it is worth considering sending your cartridges on a pallet.However, please contact us beforehand. The transport of pallets can only be ordered from our company headquarters.

Quick payment
Payment for the received cartridges takes place immediately (usually one day after their verification) and up to 10 working days at the longest upon our receipt of the delivery. Payment for the purchased cartridges is carried out in the most convenient form for the customer, indicated in the collection of cartridges form or included in information sent in the parcel. Companies and institutions - after receiving and evaluating the technical state of the cartridges, we will send an enumeration, which will serve as the basis for making out an invoice or debit note by the seller.


We buy only OEM laser and inkjet printer cartridges and drums which have not been previously regenerated/ reworked. We also buy exhausted ink cartridges that have been regenerated and are quoted on our price list.

The cartridges intended for sale must be in good technical condition, that is, carry no signs of mechanical damage (cracks, dents, holes made by drilling, damaged tape and nozzles in ink print heads etc.)

For cartridges and drums not included on our purchase price list, we charge an extra fee for utilization - 2 zł/kg. Please do not send us any remanufactured, refurbished, worthless and damaged cartridges without any prior agreement.


ul. Witebska 4, 03-507 Warszawa

Monday - Friday | 8:30 - 16:30

tel. +48 22 6786559 | tel. 22 6784182